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Sewer Line Replacement Moose Jaw Insurance SGI

Service Line Coverage Insurance

Service Line Coverage covers the costs associated with repairs to underground pipes and wiring from the street to your house when damage occurs on your property.  In Moose Jaw tree roots cause many issues with sewer line connections between the home and the city sewage system.

The City of Moose Jaw may be performing a cast iron water-main replacement on your street.  When City replaces the old water main they will ask home owners if they would like to have their sewer line replaced to their home.  This is the optimal time to replace your sewer line – if it needs replacement.  Follow these steps before you replace your sewer line:

  1. Add on the SGI Service Line Coverage Insurance FIRST
  2. Contact Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspection to have your sewer line inspected to determine IF you need to have your sewer line replaced
  3. If your sewer line needs replacement the SGI Service Line Coverage Insurance may cover the costs
  4. Proceed with replacing your sewer line IF it needs replacement

For example: If tree roots invade your PVC water pipe causing it to snap and break, you’d have insurance to pay for the cost to dig up your yard, repair the pipe and restore the landscaping damaged by repairs.

Why do I need it?

Service lines can be damaged by tree roots, freezing, excavation and other causes. They’re not typically covered under a basic home insurance policy and can be costly to repair.  Service Line Coverage protects you from these unexpected expenses no matter how old your underground lines are.  It also provides coverage for additional living expenses if you can’t stay in your home during or while waiting for repairs.

What does it cover?

Underground pipes and wiring such as:

  • water and waste disposal lines (sewage pipes)
  • drainage lines
  • compressed air lines
  • communication lines
  • power and electrical lines

Talk to you insurance broker today – such as Ottawa Real Estate & Insurance in Moose Jaw.

Click to download Service Line Coverage Insurance Information.

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