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full property inspection moose jaw

Full Inspection

A full inspection covers all aspects of your home. This is our most thorough inspection.

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Pre-Listing Home Inspection Moose Jaw

Pre Listing

Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. Having an inspection performed ahead of time helps in many other ways.

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Move In Certified Home Moose Jaw

Move-In Certified

Move-In Certified homes have been pre-inspected by InterNACHI certified inspectors and the sellers confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards.

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Ozonation Purifies Air Moose Jaw


Ever wondered why outdoor air, smells the way it does? Thats because its fresh, and you can have that too! Ozonation purifies you’re air, removing large amounts of bacteria and allergens.

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Mould Inspection Moose Jaw

Mold Inspector

Mold damages what it grows on. The longer it grows the more damage it can cause. If there is a mold problem in your home, you should clean up the mold promptly. Mold can be hidden, growing on the water from a hidden leak, and can develop into a potentially large problem if not caught in time.

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Electrical Home Inspection Moose Jaw

Electrical Inpection

Window air conditioner is installed in an aperture of window hole in such a way that its outer part is in contact with the atmosphere, and the inner part inside the room.

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