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When buying a house, an inspection by Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspectors is a critical aspect.  Our home inspection includes a foundation inspection.  All stone, brick, wood, concrete or concrete block foundations should be inspected. During our home inspection we identify potential foundation problems with foundation walls, floor structure and support beams. We inspect basements, crawl spaces and slabs. We look for cracking, deterioration, moisture penetration, and structural adequacy.


Interior Foundation Inspection:

Using internal contour lines, we will verify elevation levels throughout the home are consistent. A floor that’s not level is one tip of a possible foundation problem.

  • Cracks in floors and walls – could indicate foundation is shifting
  • Gaps where walls meet the floor and nail pops indicate structural damage
  • Examine support beams and load-bearing devices
  • Any change in the foundation structure will cause doors to jamb or stick, windows that open may also no longer have a snug fit and may jamb or stick when opening
  • Musty smell in basement – could indicated moisture and foundation damage
  • Assess the integrity of concrete walls and floors within the foundation – are there visible heaves in the cement floor, carpet or flooring lifting and uneven
  • Are floors uneven or bouncy
  • Look for water damage, mold, and improper ventilation


Exterior Foundation Inspection:

During the external evaluation, we will look at:

  • Grading of soil around home – does water flow back towards the home
  • Differential settlement
  • Water drainage, landscaping, and irrigation
  • Cracks and fissures on exterior walls
  • Crumbling concrete or degraded building materials
  • Buckling walls, exterior bulges, or irregular slopes


Types of Cracks:

Over the years Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspectors have seen a variety of basements with foundation wall cracks. Moose Jaw has a variety of soil conditions which have play a significant role in how foundations last.  Our training and experience inspecting foundations will provide you piece of mind that professionals are performing a very thorough home inspection with a detailed foundation inspection.

Concrete and block foundations usually have at least a few cracks. The skill is recognizing which are insignificant and which are serious. As concrete cures, shrinkage takes place and shrinkage cracks can happen.

Vertical foundation cracks are seen in many homes. Vertical cracks can let moisture to enter the home, which is a concern. We will be able to evaluate the seriousness of the vertical cracks.

If the foundation is a concrete block foundation cracks can often been seen between the blocks, which form a step crack. We can evaluate how serious these serious these step cracks are.

Diagonal foundation cracks can happen which is usually a result of a differential in settling. When the foundation moves in two different directions the crack can be wider on one end and narrower on the other.

Horizontal cracks run sideways are the most serious types of cracks, which are often caused by a bowing foundation. If water saturates the soil around a foundation, the moisture can exert pressure can cause the foundation to bow inwards and are very serious, which may lead to structural failure.

Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspectors analyze the various types of foundation cracks and provide you a detailed report on what we find. If you are buying a home – new or old it is critical to have a home inspection. Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspectors have years of experience inspecting homes in Moose Jaw and in the surrounding communities.

Moose Jaw Foundation Inspection Horizontal Crack
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Moose Jaw Foundation Inspection Vertical Crack

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