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What Our Clients Say

Jill & Beth

Barry was highly recommended and now we know why. Barry was available when needed, knowledgeable and well documented. Barry and Blake took the time to ensure we understood the inspection and reviewed every thing thoroughly.

Lisa and Brad

This was our first home inspection and Barry explained everything to us and he was very helpful. He was thorough and knowledgeable. Easy to get along with. Very professional in his inspection and in presenting the Home Inspection Report to us which we were able to understand and it helped us decide our first home purchase……


Awesome inspection. Very organized clean inspection with nothing disturbed or out of place. Very thorough and informative report in book form given to me right after the inspection. The choice regarding our home was made possible through this information and allowed us to make an informed decision. He was prompt and conducted a professional inspection and we were very pleased as it addressed our concerns and gave us confidence to make our first home purchase. We were completely satisfied and would use Mr.Webster again…..


Very thorough.Good explanation. Happy to go through the written report and I found it answered my questions.Very professionally presented and I understood all the explanations. We toured the home and I could see for myself the aspects and the conditions of the home. Very knowledgeable presentation and I would rate it a”TWELVE” on a scale of one to ten.

Gloria & Curtis

Very informative, very professional, easy to talk to.

Doug & Gloria

We asked Barry to complete two house inspections for us in Moose Jaw. The inspections had to be arranged around the tenants’ schedule and even with those hurdles, they were done in a very timely fashion. Both reports were extremely extensive and assisted us in determining what work had to be done immediately and what could wait until a later time. Thanks again Barry for your great work!


Excellent, very accurate and detailed, very personable, answered all of my questions, very approachable, very professional.


Barry and Blake exceeded our expectations. The inspection of the building was done in a timely manner and was very thorough. They were very professional in their approach and presentation. I would recommend Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspection to friends, family and business colleagues. Thanks again!

Mike M

Barry and Blake were very thorough and informative. As a plumber I was quite impressed they brought along a sewer cam and included a video from the inspection. I feel they inspected and gave great insight into the areas that would result in the greatest cost to a home owner, should there be issues.


Being an out of province buyer and getting a home inspection by Mr.Webster gave me the confidence to purchase my home. He allowed me to join him during the inspection and his methods were very informative and the information given to me confirmed my observations during my tour with the realtor. He also pointed out items that were new to me. His presentation of the report was professionally conducted and his response to all my concerns was phenomenal. Overall it gave me re-assurance to make my home selection after we had seen so many.I was also very pleased with his follow-up and response times afterwards.


The service that I received from Moose Jaw4A Property Inspection was thorough and very helpful. The explanation of the home inspection was easy to understand and the booklet that I received made it so easy to remember the points afterwards. Anything that I didn’t understand was explained to me. I would definitely recommend Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspection to anyone buying a home. I feel much more at ease about my choice for my first home after having Moose Jaw 4A Property Inspection check my place out.

Stefanie & Cody

Barry and Blake just did our home inspection and we couldn't have asked for a better team! They were friendly and professional. Explained everything we needed to know and answered all our question with great knowledge. We will definitely recommend them to everyone we know.

Shelby C

Barry and Blake really helped us make an informed decision regarding a property we had an offer on. Without their insight we could have been in a far more costly renovation situation than we were prepared to take on. Their review and notes on the inspection were very clear and easy to understand, and they provided us with photos, video and a write up to take home and review. We would highly recommend them to anyone.